24 Hour Plays

This month i've been working in collaboration with Rich Gifts Theatre to direct a play in 24 hour hours. The event is based on the collaboration of a series of professional directors, actors and writers. We meet on the friday night to discuss groupings, the writers spent all of saturday writing about their chosen topic from the last 24 hours in current affairs, and sunday the directors and actors work together to create a piece for public viewing in the evening. I had the pleasure of working with New York playwright David Vazdauskas to create a short live noir parodying Russia's place in the American election. We also have the pleasure to work with improv pianist Richard Baker (The Play That Goes Wrong) to create a jazz underscore and cabaret national anthem.

This is something which we are currently turning into a neo-noir short, and we have a fabulous team on board! Cinematographer: http://fabioguglielmelli.com/ Stylist: www.saskiacole.com

I will also continue my work with Rich Gifts Theatre, directing one political play every month at a different theatre, and in 24 hours! http://www.richgiftstheatre.com/deadline/

I'll post the link to tickets for January's show here

Here's some footage of us trying out the idea above: https://youtu.be/DjL4NqV1qfI

C x

The Art of Za Deal Tech, Courtyard Theatre, Nov 2016

The Art of Za Deal Tech, Courtyard Theatre, Nov 2016