Swell Mob... From Edinburgh to London and Adelaide!

Our 5* immersive show ‘The Swell Mob’ will be sitting both London’s Co-Lab and Adelaide’s Cabaret Festival this summer! You can book tickets to see the new cast performing here: www.theswellmob.com

The Swell Mob is an immersive theatrical experience inviting you to take part in a Victorian bacchanalia”

Additional info: https://www.culturewhisper.com/r/theatre/the_swell_mob_immersive_theatre/13395?fbclid=IwAR2obKCC-SqPYFf_WYASizCmnE4Q-F4WKYbUsSag2f8CC2Q90JmuKeLvxfY

Don’t miss it, I know I won’t!

C x