Swan Lake Review

Graham Watts (Critic and Chairman of of Critics' Circle Dance Section UK/National Dance Awards) reviewed Swan Lake in it's last week of shows: 

"Punchdrunk meets Petipa!

Come to a secret location, the invitation implored; don’t tell anyone, bring a mask and dress in something fancy! It was too tempting to resist.

The Great Masked Ball by The Lost Estate took place somewhere south of the River Thames in a place that one would never have found by accident.

Here was immersive theatre at its very best. Not intrusive but absorbing. Imagine dining at the Queen’s table waited upon by an
ensemble of outlandish characters, dressed and made up accordingly. At the heart of the experience was the story of Swan Lake with Liam Riddick as Siegfried, Zoe Arshamian as the White Swan and Chihiro Kawasaki as the Black Swan. Chloe Doherty was an extraordinary Queen of the Eastern Lakes and Fernando Mariano was the story’s narrator, Maximilian.

Choreographer, Eleesha Drennan, deconstructed and rearranged the traditional
narrative to put the tensions between the black and white swans at the core of her story , packing the central dance act with innovative and purposeful duets replete with passion and inventive partnered choreography. It was both a surprise and a real treat to see Swan Lake imagined in a different and fresh interpretation.

Live music came from The Arensky Chamber Orchestra with additional music composed by Stefan Rees with sound designer, Fraya Thomsen. Imaginative and vivid set designs were created by Darling and Edge and the fantastic costumes were the work of Philly Noone. The whole arresting enterprise was directed by James Hurley.

I can only imagine the complex logistics of running an interactive performance around 350 people at a banquet being served a 3-course meal and drinks in amongst the action. Oh, and by the way the food was excellent - I didn’t catch the name but the imaginative menu was designed by someone connected to Masterchef.

I wish I could advise you to see it but I’m afraid it has gone - vanished into the ether along with Von Rothbart! But, watch out for more by The Lost Estate because if this was anything to go by future productions (Opera and Ballet) will be more than worthwhile."

- @GWDanceWriter