Part dance, part performance art. 

Glamourising the domesticated. 

The anti-spectacle made spectacular. 

Exploring the nature of theatre, the risk of performing and the moment before it all goes wrong.

“The balls-out craziness of Ugly Collective, with a "circus sex tragedy”…The piece was performed with such wilful disregard for health and safety that the person sat next to me evacuated their seat in terror - a ringing endorsement” - London City Nights

Director: Chloé Doherty
Devisers: Rory Keys, Andrea Veneziani, Dimitris Chimonas, Liva Ria, Elina Akhmetova, Meg Deboard, Avital Lvova, Eloise Green, João Lima , Gabrielle Sheppard, Federico Moro.
Collab. with: Theatre Delicatessen, Ugly Collective, Phillip Granell (Phaedra Ensemble), Anthony Kosky (The Alchemist) and Rory Keys.